A. Micah Smith loves what he does. He's a graphic designer, illustrator & art director. Basically, this means he creates meaning out of shapes & images. Not to sound simple or undervalue the process, but building it up any more seems pretentious, and anything less sounds, well, aimless. He not only values his path, but also finds purpose in it. Through his fervent spirit to champion his clients, the projects they work on together find purpose as well. Thoughts are given images and ideas, an audience.

Micah has had the great privilege of working with many fine folks in his young career. Whether teachers, colleagues, clients, family or friends, he's found that those terms tend to coalesce over time. Therefore, it's no surprise to him that relationships seem to be the foundation of successful projects, campaigns and, in his case, a career.

Micah calls Nashville, TN home. He is currently available for projects worldwide.


Partial Client List

  • TED
  • Myspace
  • GQ
  • Atlantic Records
  • Sysco
  • Warner Bros.